Frequently Asked Questions for Couples Interested in Shadow Mountain Events

Yes, between the hours of 4:30pm and 7pm on Friday, you are more than welcome to have your rehearsal here, at no extra cost.  We also recommend having your group set up the tables and chairs where you’d like them for the next day.

Yes. If you bring it with you, when you leave at the end of the evening, it needs to either be back in your car, in your stomach, or in the garbage. Shadow Mountain Events wants to keep our costs down, therefore we do not have staff to clean up after you. Tables, chairs, linens, decorations, music equipment, food scraps and supplies, etc., need to be torn down, put back where you found them, back in your car, or in our trash/recycling bins. SME will take care of moving garbage.  If you’d like me to bring in helpers, I would be happy to do so however you will pay them directly.

Yes! In fact, if you wish to have alcohol, you will need to bring your own beer and wine. We are not licensed to sell it. We do, however, require that you have a licensed bartender.  If you are unable to find one yourself, we have a list of people for you to hire.  Hiring a recommended SME Bartender will keep your bar running smoothly and keep your guests safe.  We do have a 3 keg maximum.

NO.  We are not licensed for hard alcohol.  Beer, wine and champagne only.

First off, we love dogs. But we do not allow them on the property–that means not even left in the car during the party (in fact, that’s a really big NO NO, as it gets warm in the summer). However, the exception to this rule is the bride and groom’s pups. If the couple chooses to bring a dog, it must be leashed at all times when they are on the grounds, and crated if it is to be left unattended in the shade. There will be an additional $150 pet deposit.  This covers things like our flower beds and any land minds left behind for our staff to find, etc. Again, please be advised, this invitation is NOT extended to anyone else’s pets.

No.  This includes lighting candles or sparklers.  When Chelan County has a burn ban in place, no open flames are permitted period.

Just a few. Wax candles are not recommended as they melt in the hot sun.  We often have couples wanting to do a send off at the end of the night.  Bubbles, dried lavender, glow sticks…..All good! Huge handfuls of gold glitter, birdseed or sparklers? Absolutely not. When you think through your decorating decisions, remember that we share this space with our family, as it is our home and we do not want to be picking up garbage or non-biodegradable items.

The 10:00pm music shut off time is non-negotiable. Not only is a courtesy to our neighborhood, which is full of families, but it is a law in Chelan County.

Yes! At 10:00am on Saturday, you and your crew are welcome to begin unloading, and setting up.   12 noon tends to work better as we are 100% outdoors and if a breeze comes up, you’d hate to be chasing your table settings and decorations all over the lawn.

Email at Jennifer@shadowmountainevents.com is the best way as its easier for me to organize our correspondence.